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What wedding photographs are allowed in church?

2 February 2013 32,565 views


Wedding photographs in church what wedding photographs are allowedWell, it’s entirely down to your priest – or in a civil wedding, the registrar.


You have no say I’m afraid.


The typical permission we get is to photograph the following moments:

– Bride coming up the aisle.
– A fake signing of the register
– Married couple coming down the aisle.


At no point other than that are we allowed to photograph.


Now some are a bit more relaxed and will allow a small and discrete number of photographs to be taken during the service, but without flash.


For my part, I take the view that the service IS THE MARRIAGE!!  So, actually the last thing you want is some photographer blundering around, flashing everywhere distracting your friends and family from your special moment.


If given complete freedom I will work from the side or rear of the venue.  I will try and capture the exchange of rings and the moment you are declared Husband and Wife.    Then, if things allow there might be other moments such as the congregation while you are signing the register, friends doing readings and so on.

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