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What shoot list should you give your photographer at a wedding

8 October 2013 2,314 views


There are some photographer shoot lists circulating on the web for brides that are 2 or 3 pages long – while they are really great inspiration for you, please, please, do not give your photographer that whole list !!!!


Here’s why, you should trust your photographer to find the right shots for you, use their artistic ability and experience and talent to find all the great shots.  If you don’t trust them to do that – then get another photographer, seriously.


What you should do is maybe go through and pick out a FEW shots that you would really like to have.

If you give your photographer that mega-long list they are going to be working it as a checklist, so intent on the paperwork that they have lost their artistry.


So, here’s my tips:


1) Pick maybe 6 max actual photos you want (the rings, your garter, you and dad hugging)


2) For your formal group shots, make sure your photographer knows which groups you want – trust me on this you’ll need less thank you think.


3) Make sure your photographer knows about any very special guests (Uncle Ernie from Canada, Aunty Eve who’s only got a few weeks left, your friend Jane who introduced you to H2B)


4) If you’ve got things like divorced parents etc, make sure your photographer knows if there is any difficulty about them being shot together.  (Also what names to use, is it Mum & Brian, Dad & Tina?  Or better Betty & Brian, Tim & Tina).


Your photographer has a lot going on all at the same time, they need to be watching everyone for images worth capturing, they need to be monitoring their technical stuff, planning where they’ll need to be next, making sure Grandma as ready for the next shot, reading people’s moods, keeping an eye on Mum ‘cos he thinks she’s about to cry…  You get the idea, there’s a lot going on in our heads while we’re shooting – if we make it look effortless it’s because we work very hard at it 🙂


Keep it simple, keep it clear.   Let your expert be your artist.

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