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26 September 2013 2,220 views


It’s not often I like to talk about my competitors, but I like Venture. 


If you don’t know Venture is a franchise that has studios across the UK.  They specialise in "trendy" photographs at very high prices.


So, why do I like them?


Well, firstly, they have established a baseline for what photography should cost.    Getting a quick snap or your baby from a spotty teenager in a department store is one thing, but personal portrait photography that captures you as an individual and is properly edited and processed is not quick and it’s not cheap.


Secondly, the "arty, trendy" style that Venture create is simple to replicate, if you want those style of images, then just let us know and we’ll create them for you, no problem.


Thirdly, they have a reputation for being very hard sell.   Now I don’t do that – I can’t stand it when it’s done to me, and I certainly won’t do the hard sell on you.   When you come for your viewing you will be able to choose exactly what you want, according to your budget.  I’m not going to be encouraging you to buy more.


Would I go to Venture?


Nope.  Simple, I can’t afford them and they don’t offer the value for money I would look for.

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