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The Really Cheap Wedding Photographer

15 April 2013 56,384 views 2 Comments

Wedding Photographs Stroud GloucesterHad a call this week from a bride who had booked a photographer and basically got crap photos and crap service.

She gave me the name and I looked them up.   £50 an hour of shooting was what they were charging.

OK, let me tell you, you are gonna get what you pay for at £50/hour!

On the face of it, it sort of sounds reasonable, that’s about what a hair-dresser or plumber might charge.   But trust me, with photographers what goes on behind the scenes is just as important as what happens when shooting.

For a start, for every hour shooting, we spend another hour on editing.  That’s not because the pictures are bad you understand,  it is because that’s the way digital photography is.  Pictures will look OK out of the camera, but they won’t look WOW!

For a wedding, there’s a huge extra amount of time spent retouching images and designing and preparing the album.  (The £50/hour dumped a CD of flat images on the client, no album, no nothing).

Just to give you a guide, if we shoot an all day wedding, which is the one we do most often, then we reckon all told that’s FIVE MAN DAYS of work = about 35-40 hours of work on a complete wedding from start to finish.

What they are doing is running a huge web marketing scam, then finding some local Guy With Camera (GWC) who is happy to give up a Saturday afternoon for the few tens of pounds he will actually get paid.

Will he know what he’s doing? – No

Will he take great photo’s? – No

Will he be able to handle the surprises? – No

Will he be experienced at shooting anything professionally – LET ALONE YOUR WEDDING???? – No

I know it sounds like a professional protecting his trade, but really, in 20 years time the only thing you will have from your wedding is your partner and your pictures.    Please make sure you get good ones.

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  • Paul said:

    Can we try to guess the name of the dodgy outfit ?

  • filmphoto said:

    HeeHee. You can try, but for legal reasons I’m not going to reveal the name, cryptic clue is that it rises to the top.