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Should I have video as well as photography?

4 July 2013 2,312 views

Wedding Photography Stonehouse Court StroudOK, declaration of interest up-front, I’m a wedding photographer.

Here’s the thing, you absolutely want to spend as much as possible on your photography  🙂

No really, and you want to spend more than most of you budget for as well.   The album will last forever, as will any additional prints you get.   The way you look at an album is completely different, you look at it more often (even after my 25 years) than video.

Photographers on top of their game right now will also offer you if not video, definitely a slide-show on DVD – sounds a bit “Mom-and-pop” – but they’re not, professional quality slide-shows are stunning and will show the day.

For example, we now do two mini-shows for couples:  the first is a romantic and fun version of about 100-200 images from the day, that tells the story and captures the emotion.   The second is ALL the shots from the day played really fast so you can see the whole day in 5 minutes – it’s really fun!

The thing about both of these is we keep them pretty short – short enough to watch at the drop of a hat – short enough to put on YouTube for your friends.
If you are going for video, then you need to decide if it is to “record” the moments, i.e. it’s just to playback from the ceremony and the speeches, or it is to “present” the day – i.e. properly edited and fun story.   If it’s the former, then your friend / uncle whatever is fine, but if it’s the “presentation” you want – go professional.

I will warn you now, the thing that kills most home-made wedding videos is the audio quality – you can put up with the video being wobbly, badly lit etc., but if you can’t hear the words – then it’s horrible.    A professional will make sure that is not a problem for you.




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