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Questions for Your Wedding Photographer – Checklist

26 June 2013 2,662 views

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Take this list along, your potential wedding photographer should not be offended and you need to know the answers to these questions in order to pick the right wedding photographer for you.


– What experience do you have?

– What qualifications do you have?

– Do you belong to a professional body?

– What photographic style do you shoot?

– Who will be the photographer on the day?

– How long will it take for images after the wedding?

– Can I choose the items in the package I want?

– Can I have references?

– Have you shot a wedding at my venue before?

– Do you have backup equipment?

– Do you have a backup photographer?

– Can I keep the proofs?

– Can I have a CD of all images?

– Can I print from that CD?

– Can guests order from you?

– How will you dress?

– Can we tell you what pictures we want?

– How long do I have to choose final images?

– Do you have travel fees?

– Do you have guarantees on your services and products?

– Do you have insurance?

– What is the payment policy?

– What about deposits and payments?

– What about date changes?

– What about cancellations?

– Can we have a pre-wedding engagement shoot?

– Can we have a post-wedding shoot?

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