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Questions for a wedding photographer

9 January 2013 2,365 views


When you are selecting your wedding photographer, what are the questions you should be asking? 


Be prepared, take the checklist with you, your photographer won’t be offended.




A big key question:  is your photographed experienced and professional – or just a weekend warrior having a bit of fun?


The professional wedding photographer has some key benefits:

– Experience to make you look great all the time

– Experience dealing with difficult situations

– Knows which shots you must have and how to get them

– Has backup equipment just in case

– Has insurance and all those other mundane things.


Photographic Style


What soft of style does the photographer like to shoot – you are probably looking for a mix of formal and natural – but different photographers are better at certain styles.  Our approach is more to the natural / fashion end of things, with the key formals captured but not over emphasised.




Do  you get on with your photographer – do you think he will get in with your guests on the day.

If I can paraphrase my clients “I fit in quietly, discretely, photographing guests in relaxed way, but taking great photographs".


Appearance and Dress

Will the be “suited and booted” and well groomed?   I hate scruffy photographers!


Price Range


Obviously, you’ve got to make your budget work, but don’t be afraid to go over budget – the wedding photographs are the only thing you’ll have for ever.  I’m not afraid to say we are at the higher end of the price range – I’m proud of what I do and I think I do it well.


Package or “a la carte”


Does the photographer only offer wedding photography packages, or can you pick and choose the elements you need?   We offer a package as a starting point, but everything is up for change – your wedding should be unique to you.


Who will take the photographs?


Surprisingly often you book a company, not an individual photographer, though you may not be aware of it at the time.  I am always your principal photographer.


Do you have backup?


Very good question – what happens if I am ill?  Have a several backup photographers, all of whom shoot in a similar style to me, and who’s work is of good quality.   We share dates in advance so we know there is always someone available in the event of a crisis.


Wedding Photography Contract


Make sure there is one, make sure its fair.   Make sure it includes the items you have talked about.


What are the prices for extras after the wedding?


Because after the day you don’t know what else you might want.  I’m very clear about pricing, I keep no secrets you have all the details you need right at the first meeting.

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