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9 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Hair and Makeup Done by a Professional

11 April 2011 2,885 views

20111022-162415_6299_thumb.jpgWe really do recommend you treat yourself to our in-house knowledgable make up artist (MUA).

1) A professional make up artist will make you feel a million dollars by using their extensive experience in shaping your face with make-up. The difference is really fantastic!

2) They will use products which are specifically tailored for photography. The lighting we use works best with photographic makeup products. Regular day-wear makeups are often too shiny and don’t sculpture your face as well.

3) Good up-do’s are tricky to do by yourself. Our professional hairdresser will style your hair in a way that suits you perfectly. The hair treatments we use will keep your locks looking great throughout the shoot.

4) As professionals they know precisely what kind of tools, products and colors will work for you to bring out your strongest features (and hide any issues) and make you look beautiful.

5) If you want to choose one of our extended packages you also have the option of changing the look half way through the photoshoot.

6) You will frequently learn a lot from the make-up artists experience about how you can do your own make-up in the future. Our make-up artists are very experienced and very happy to share their tricks with you.

7) It is one less thing to worry about. No need to go rushing from hairdresser to MUA to studio. You can have it all done here and just unwind while we do all the work.

8) I am amazed how a good looking girl can be transformed through make-up to become truly gorgeous!

9) Your improved confidence will shine through in the final images – which ultimately is what it is all about!


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