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[2 Jun 2013 Comments Off on Fashion Shoot with Nikki | 49,481 views]

Shooting mostly Rock Couture and River Island clothes with Nikki, alias Miss Pixie here at Film Photo Studios Cheltenham

Sahar dungaree dress from River Island
Necklace Claire’s Accessories

Nautical top from River Island
Military Top from New Look
Military Badge Vest from New Look

Alice in Wonderland Skirt from Claire’s Accessories
Red Tights from Debenhams
Check Jacket, Models Own
Polka Dot Dress from Rock Couture
Lace Top from Rock Couture
Black Lace Top from Rock Couture
Skirt – Models Own
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[31 May 2013 Comments Off on Yvonne and Reg – “I Love You” | 2,455 views]

One of the great things about my job is the lovely people we get to meet.
Yvonne and Reg are such a lovely couple and both are deaf.
They run the British Sign Language College at

They are so happy together and so much in love it was a real pleasure spending some time with them shooting.
The three pictures below spell “I Love You” and Yvonne and I secretly shot them and Reg was so emotional when he saw them at the viewing

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[29 May 2013 Comments Off on Cowboy Themed Wedding | 50,434 views]

 This was an excellent wedding day, themed around the idea of Country and Western.  Even down to the cake decoration (check out the boots!)
The bride and groom were keen line dancers and all their friends knew them that way so they wanted to keep the theme throughout.   The did toy with the idea that the evening guests would have to wear full cowboy gear – that would have been brilliant!
 As soon as guests walked in the door you got the sense of the Western style – of course it helped …

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[28 May 2013 Comments Off on Helen’s Story and Her Boudoir Shoot | 30,357 views]
Helen’s Story and Her Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir shoots are often empowering and affirming for the girls and women who come in and do them.
Helen’s story really moved me, especially the post shoot conversations on FaceBook.
So here is the whole story has told through FaceBook
Helen: Looking forward to it but nervous too! Been working hard at gym! X
Simon: You’ll enjoy it – seriously a lot of girls feel really …

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[13 May 2013 Comments Off on Lace Make Up by Lucy | 2,242 views]

Lucy is our senior make-up artist.   As a photographer and bloke I am always impressed with Lucy’s make-up and hair styling.   Whether you want a natural look or something much more “serious” Lucy always matches the look to your style.
We were shooting a trial for a fashion piece involving lace make-up and while we were doing this we filmed a stop motion video of the make-up being applied.   The video is fun and the final look is something quite special – make sure you watch right to the very end …

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