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Michelle and James – Wedding – Pittville Pump Rooms

12 September 2009 2,997 views

James is from the UK and Michelle is from Australia. You need to know that so when you see upside down ketchup bottles, Jacobs Creek wine and other antipodean features it all makes sense!

James and Michelle also structured their wedding weekend quite differently from the norm. Because Michelle’s family were probably only going to make the trip to the UK once in a lifetime they figured that the two close families needed to spend some quality time together. So here’s how they did it.

DAY 1:

Wedding service at Pittville Pump rooms in Cheltenham, with friends and families.

Pictures around the park during the afternoon

Then off to Montie’s Bistro for just the close family for the evening. This gave the chance for the two sides of the family to get to know each other and spend some time together but still celebrate the day.

DAY 2:

The following evening was the reception. James and Michelle decided to go for a Jame Bond theme – a really great idea since although it means dressing up, everyone tends to look good, with the tuxedo’s for the guys and posh dresses for the girls.

We take along a mobile portrait studio for evening photographs. Rather than the rather difficult and not very satisfying “mildly drunk at table with lots of bottles and glasses” pictures, instead we get a whole range of portraits, from the lovely and formal to the silly and outrageous. And having your portrait taken is part of the fun and entertainment of the evening.

What they didn’t know was that James’ Dad had organised the local male voice choir to come in and sing. First there was the Oz classic “Waltzing Matilda”, including some rather hammy acting-up from one of the singers in full outback costume. Then “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (yes, James is a Liverpool supporter).

They other thing they did which I thought was really brilliant was to have a juke box for music instead of a DJ, people had fun choosing music and it was a bit of what everybody wanted – not just the DJ’s ideas.

James and Michelle are now on their way to Australia to live, and I wish them well in their new life.

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