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Love is the drug!! – Here comes the science…

11 April 2013 2,013 views

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Have you heard of the natural hormone “oxytocin”?   It’s become known as the “Love Drug”, because it is the thing in your body that makes your heart go Boom, Boom, Boom, your tummy flip-flop and everything else that happens to you when you are “in love”


It also is the hormone that makes mothers bond with their babies and seems to have a general empathy effect too.


Well Linda Geddes got married and asked Paul Zak, the leading scientist in the field of oxytocin, to monitor what happens to her body on her wedding day.  The results are fascinating.


The scientists studied various chemicals in the bride, groom, parents and friends – and here’s what they found


Loved Up


Not surprisingly, Linda’s oxytocin went through the roof – she was fully loved up, but then the order of the rest gets interesting – in order of “loved-up-ness” it went


Linda – the bride

Mother of the bride

Father of the groom

Nic – the groom

bride’s friend James (was he jealous?)

Groom’s friend: Rob

Groom’s brother: Mat


Stressed Out


But they also measured the stress levels too, and guess what, Linda’s stress hormones were through the roof as well!  Whereas Nic, the groom, was completely unstressed (as indeed were all the guys).  The only other person showing any real stress was the bride’s father – maybe because he had to make a speech.


What’s the point?


Well, the interesting thing about all this – apart from the fact that the bride will be most stressed out and loved-up person on the day…


Well, what it shows is that the actual event, the ritual, the whole church stuff and everything is important because it makes you and your friends full of love and bond with each other.  It’s not just the wedding couple, but the family and friends that also bond too.  It’s a real genuine part of becoming a couple and new members of the family.


If you want to read more, check out the article on the new scientist web site:


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