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If It Rains

20 July 2013 4,681 views

Of course it doesn’t matter what your wedding date – in England you can’t guarantee the weather. So what to do if it rains, and how can you prepare for it?
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Michelle and Julians’ wedding day was two days after the torrential rain the flooded England and in particular Tewkesbury. Living in Tewkesbury we were completely cut-off and I realised I had to find out if I could actually escape the town to take their photographs. So, the day before I waded out of town (up to my crotch – a very unpleasant experience) just to confirm that I could. The day before was glorious, wonderful July sunshine and it all sounded easy…

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The morning of the wedding there was a gale force wind and great rain again – to make matters worse, the church at Churchdown was right at the top of a hill. So horizontal rain was the order of the day. Yet every guest I saw arriving, despite the weather, was grinning their heads off. Yet it was only when the bride arrived grinning that I knew it would be OK.

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Of course, formal shots outside the church wasn’t possible, so the vicar very kindly offered for me to shoot inside the church instead. Technically a difficult photograph to pull off, but the end result of that wonderfully crowded (and somewhat silly) crowd in that church was a big moment in the day perfectly captured.

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And of course, the bride was equipped with her wellies too!

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While you might not need wellies, a selection of brollies for the bride and maids is crucial. White brollies will perfectly fit the colour scheme and look so much better than coloured golf brollies and so on.

2008 was a terrible year for weather, every wedding day but one I shot it rained sometime during the day. But everytime there was some opportunity when it stopped raining and we managed to get outside for some photos. On rainy days you need to be flexible, if we can’t go outside at the right moment, then we’ll pick up those shots later, or do them at the reception rooms or something else.

Crucially, just remember, rain will not ruin your day – you are still marrying the person you love most.

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