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Ideas for your wedding reception

24 July 2013 41,006 views

There’s lots of ways of making your wedding reception evening different, special and unique to you. In this blog I shall give you some examples I’ve seen at different weddings.

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Michelle and James had a jukebox instead of a disco or band. Guests got involved in choosing their selections and seemed to dance a lot more than at a regular disco. The other trouble I often see with disco’s is they are too loud, the older guests don’t get on with them and it’s very difficult to chat as well. So you end up with half your guests sitting round bored and unable to talk.

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Jason and Marine had a Bucking Bronco / Surfboard. Loads of folks had a go and had a terrific laugh with it. Make sure that your controller is sensible, you don’t want your guests to go home aching and sore.

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Casino’s seem to be quite popular, and although they are fun and guests get into it, it always seems a bit odd at a wedding to me, seems somehow wrong. That’s something to consider whatever entertainment you put on – is it fitting for a wedding?

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No names here, but I was told that this couple had two guests who always ended up in a fight, so they thought they would put them in the sumo suits early and let them get it out of their system. As it happened the worrisome duo never got in a fight, kids loved it and in the end the dog ran off with it and ripped it to shreds!

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Jenny and Cristian’s wedding included Jenni’s relatives all the way from China and Hong Kong, so they had a chinese themed wedding throughout. Part of the evening was Mah Jong games – and watching Jenni’s grandma teaching the game – with no english to guests with no chinese was quite fun. It also gave a quieter entertainment for those who don’t like disco’s.

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