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Give Your Guests Confetti

13 August 2013 3,619 views

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If you want your “confetti moment” to be absolutely full you need to make sure your guests are armed with confetti.

I don’t know why, but guests just don’t bring confetti anymore, use to be a mandatory requirement, but not so much now.

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This is also one of those moments when I – as your wedding photographer – will take charge. I need to get you in the right place, I need to make sure everyone let’s rip with the ‘fetti at the same time.

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Keeping the balance as your photographer is important to me – sometimes I need to be bossy, sometimes invisible, sometimes part of the entertainment. As a guest at a wedding it can often be tedious and uninvolved. So, the confetti moment is part of the audience participation. So, I’ll get everyone organised, have a bit of a mess about with the wind maybe, generally make people laugh, then on the count of 1-2-3 everybody launches at one go. Then I’ll finish off with a “well done – brilliant confetti” to the guests as a way of saying thank you to them. Because I want you AND your guests to feel they have had a good time.

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And of course, there’s usually someone ready to stuff confetti down the bride’s dress – or in this case – in the grooms face!

Just finally, check the rules at your service venue, most churches now do not allow confetti on the grounds, and where ever you have it go for something bio-degradable – you don’t want to leave a mess from your wedding.

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