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For His Eyes Only

1 August 2013 6,689 views

Today’s woman wants to be sexy, sensual and show her naughty side.   Boudoir photography is about exploring your sexy side whether for yourself or your partner.

Boudoir photography is known under several names: playboy style, glamour photography, Venus photography and “For His Eyes Only” are just some of them.    They all come down to the same thing, you’re own private makeover and photoshoot where you can look your best and naughtiest.  The result?  A gallery of airbrushed and retouched images that you (and your partner) will treasure forever.

You are in control of how rude and nude you want to be.   For some women it’s their nicest lingerie for others it’s much more explicit.   As your photographer I can tell you that I am unshockable, I’ve see it all.

Probably your first few minutes you will be nervous, after all this isn’t something you do every day of the week.  But after just a short while you will find it a liberating and empowering experience.

All our clients report the same feeling, relaxed, strong and empowered.

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