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FEVA Test Video

22 March 2013 2,180 views

For several years now I have been working with Feva http://www.fevadesigns.com/ a Cheltenham based clothes store that specialises in international designers. I always love their choice of clothes in any season. So when Jan and Nicki turn up with this seasons shoot rails it’s always a buzz to see what they’ve brought.

We’ve worked with different models over the time, but our main star, featuring in every shoot is Sasha. Sasha is one of those girls who brings that perfect mix of fun, enthusiasm and professionalism to her shoots. For catalogue shoots this is vital, there’s no fancy posing, no creativity, no time of primping and make-up – you have to be able to pull off every item of clothing, in 5 minutes or less, each time all day long. And that takes something – it’s physically quite demanding, but when you are shooting the 65th item of clothing the model still has to step up to the plate – and look like this is the best t-shirt she’s ever worn.

Feva have been selling online for several years, and this year is working through a re-design, not just of the web site, but of the principals behind the way they use the web for selling. One of the aspects that’s being looked at is the inclusion of video as well as stills for clients to see how the clothes move. Personally I think this is really positive step forward, video on the web has become a practical reality only recently – this has led to (a) clients having the software and bandwidth to view videos, (b) photographers to have hardware and software to capture video at a reasonable cost for all concerned.

Crucially it seems to me that when buying clothes, seeing how great it look in motion can make the difference from a no-sale to a sale. And this context, a sale is where we’re aiming.

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