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Drown the Dress

28 October 2009 50,743 views


Now you may have already seen the “Flash the Dress” where we set fire to the wedding dress with Lou.

Well, this one isn’t Lou’s wedding dress, its an old one from my props box, and in this sequence we drowned it!

Lou, just prior to drowning the dress

This is before she went in, next up is while she’s in.  By the way, the reason she isn’t smiling is (a) the water stinks and (b) we didn’t want smiley happy images, but instead something with a bit of mood to it.

The wedding dress is halfway in the water 

This is the full “Ophelia” effect.

The wedding dress is completely submerged

And this is what she looked like when she got out.Lou and wedding dress afterwards

Now, I don’t want you to think that she wasn’t having fun, here’s one of the other  pictures.

Lou and her new fancy headgear

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