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Do you tip a wedding photographer?

30 June 2013 2,478 views


No.  I don’t think so, it seems oddly inappropriate to me, maybe it’s more an American thing.


Your photographer is in a bit of an odd position at  your wedding, I might be with you all day long, I’ve been involved in every event of the day, so it’s almost like I’m sharing your day, but at the same time I’m very clear – I am really “staff” not “guest”.


I have an exception to the tipping though, Chinese weddings it is very traditional to give a gift to all those involved.   It’s not really the money value, but the idea that’s important.  In that case I graciously received the lucky red envelope with a fiver in it.


What I would say though is the general kitchen staff and waitresses etc often work really hard for your wedding and a lot of it you will never see, it is all behind the scenes.   If I see staff working hard or really putting the extra effort in I always tell them so – trust me I’ve seen a lot of lazy staff over the years.  


Because of the nature of a wedding day, the staff are often more overlooked than usual – you’ve got other things on your mind after all – I don’t think it would hurt at all to make sure there is a little pot of cash given to the staff – not the hotel – in fact doing it at the start of the day may get you a better service too.

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