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Debra and Raman – Fusion Wedding

17 August 2009 2,299 views

East meets West in Debra and Raman’s brilliantly exciting and different wedding day.

While each side has its traditions, merging the two together is not always straightforward. For Debra there was the church service at noon, and for Raman there was the Hindu finale in the afternoon. To make these different styles and routines work took some planning.

We had lots of running around, prep the bride in the full gown in the morning, up to the church for the service, then back to the house to prep the Groom for the afternoon service. Traditionaly the women of the family make up the groom complete with formal headdress for his wedding.

Then drumming and dancing up the street to hall. This was the first time for me to see such a service, I was very impressed. It has a lovely richness about it, but also a very deep spiritual element about bonding the two together and the commitments that they make to each other.

The evening was a wow as well, and until you’ve heard the drums inside an english village hall – you don’t know how loud they can be.

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