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[10 Mar 2013 Comments Off on Berkeley Shoot Featured in Cotswold Life | 2,234 views]


The images from the fashion shoot at Berkeley are now out in Cotswold Life.  It seems so long ago now!  I have to say the girls look great – the teams efforts really paid off big time here.

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[6 Mar 2013 Comments Off on Iona Fashion Shoot | 12,777 views]

Iona is a fashion designer who has a very interesting take on clothes.
These first items are really clever, they are multi-layered and seamless, so the legs become part of the shoulder straps
I really like these, I love the way the different colours of the “inside” and “outside” meet up and the clever way the parts come together.

The second item she designed after having her mobile phone stolen once too often. It features all sorts of internal pockets with different levels of security and accessibility.
Also the way the piece ties …

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[2 Mar 2013 Comments Off on Brilliant Spoof On Photoshop Beauty | 2,281 views]

Yes, girls all of this can be yours.   Seriously, although the spoof is very funny, all this can be yours.
After each of our shoots all images are retouched, you tell us how far you would like us to go.
We tend not to go for the complete plastic skin, super-thin look, but really we want it all to look like you, but you at your best.
In the meantime, enjoy the video 🙂

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