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Cowboy Themed Wedding

29 May 2013 49,373 views

 This was an excellent wedding day, themed around the idea of Country and Western.  Even down to the cake decoration (check out the boots!)

The bride and groom were keen line dancers and all their friends knew them that way so they wanted to keep the theme throughout.   The did toy with the idea that the evening guests would have to wear full cowboy gear – that would have been brilliant!


 As soon as guests walked in the door you got the sense of the Western style – of course it helped that this was held at Cattle County Wedding Barns !    In planning your own wedding it’s this kind of attention to detail that goes a long way – the first impression your guests have will set the tone for the rest of the day.


 The guests were immediately made part of the theme by giving them all hats as they arrived.

Now, not only did this involve them, but it also brought out a lot of smiles too.



 and of course the entertainment had to be line dancing.   For me, I thought it was terrific, they had a caller who talked through the dancers, and those that tried really had a brilliant time.  But not too many were willing to give it a go – which was a shame.   I had a good time trying to do the dance backwards so I could shoot the dancers going forwards!

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