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[1 Jan 2013 Comments Off on JD Couture – Fashion Shoot | 2,660 views]

My main forte as a photographer is fashion work and here we’ve got a combination of weddings and fashion together. This was a shoot to capture the collection of Julliette and Desdemona’s wedding couture.

I really like their dresses and so shooting them was very appealing to me. We had two wonderful models who had to play the whole Bride and Groom part, (something that can be a challenge for some models – but these two took it in their stride). We wanted to capture lovely happy faces as well as …

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[28 Oct 2009 Comments Off on Drown the Dress | 51,822 views]

Now you may have already seen the “Flash the Dress” where we set fire to the wedding dress with Lou.
Well, this one isn’t Lou’s wedding dress, its an old one from my props box, and in this sequence we drowned it!

This is before she went in, next up is while she’s in.  By the way, the reason she isn’t smiling is (a) the water stinks and (b) we didn’t want smiley happy images, but instead something with a bit of mood to it.
This is the full “Ophelia” effect.

And this is …

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