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[1 Jan 2013 Comments Off on JD Couture – Fashion Shoot | 2,675 views]

My main forte as a photographer is fashion work and here we’ve got a combination of weddings and fashion together. This was a shoot to capture the collection of Julliette and Desdemona’s wedding couture.

I really like their dresses and so shooting them was very appealing to me. We had two wonderful models who had to play the whole Bride and Groom part, (something that can be a challenge for some models – but these two took it in their stride). We wanted to capture lovely happy faces as well as …

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[1 Dec 2012 Comments Off on Fifteen Top Tips for Taking Great Christmas Photos | 13,678 views]

1) Get In Close – it’s the faces your interested in, not the shoes.   Fill the frame with the face or faces.
2) Keep it natural – don’t over-pose pictures – natural pictures are often the best ones.  Keep your camera ready and take peoples pictures when they’ are not looking.  This is especially true for children.
3) Get down with the kids:  while your children are playing with the Christmas presents you want to be down on your knees or tummy photographing from their height.
4) If you are posing to be …

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[11 Aug 2011 Comments Off on The Matara | 3,926 views]
The Matara

Recently we photographed Brad and Holly’s wedding at the Matara, we though it was nice change to many of the hotel venues chosen for weddings.
The Matara Centre was created by Geoffrey Higgins after the death of his wife June, inspired by a vision they shared in the months before her death. It began as a meditative centre for well-being, and has evolved into a centre for the celebration of life and life’s events.

Wedding Photography from FilmPhoto.co.uk. I love shooting weddings, they are romantic, lovely, happy, wonderful events.If you would like …

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