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BBC Story about the Duff Wedding Photographer

5 January 2013 2,770 views


The link itself is interesting http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8292164.stm, the gist of the story is the couple booked what they thought was a professional photographer, but didn’t get back what they thought were professional shots.

It’s also interesting to read the comments of other brides about their experience with and without professionals.

But, when you’re considering who will photograph your wedding, here’s some things to think about:

1) In years to come what is the one thing you will still have 20, 30 even 50 years later – Yep, the photos.  

2) What’s the thing you will spend most money on?  Probably feeding your guests, a dinner which will last about an hour and half and no-one will remember.   Please, please think about prioritising your budget in favour of the things that keep.


3) Can anyone do it?   Well, anyone with a sort of good artistic eye and a reasonable camera can sort of do it and get pictures that would be acceptable.  But here’s why you need to book a pro.

a) They know how to create the “perfect” shots that capture the special moments

b) Their ability to handle people and crowds – make sure you get on with your photographer before you book them (we offer engagement shoots for that reason)

c) That they know what to do when things go wrong – whether its rain, lights, faulty equipment, late brides, car accidents, power cuts, collapsing cakes, hysterical mothers, drunk guests.


d) They can handle some quite technically difficult shots and make them look great, rather than just about acceptable.

e) That they know how to finish the work afterwards, from “post-processing” – that’s airbrushing, colour correct, tweaking light and dark, adding appropriate effects – to creating an album – or in our case a Wedding Book – that really works and is more than just a collection of pictures.


4) Some things, such as the Wedding Books we provide are only available to Wedding Photographers, that’s important to the finished piece.  But also, as professionals we are insured, covered by a professional standards organisation, committed to quality, best-practice, legal and safety issues.  These are invisibles that you hopefully never need to see.000_2360

5) But my guests take great pictures.  I’m sure they do, and personally I’m more than happy to include them in your final wedding book – we can’t be everywhere and capture every moment – and sometimes its your guests taking the photograph that actually create the moment itself.  I’m way not too proud to accept other photographers work on your behalf.  More than that – I definitely encourage you to give guests disposable cameras.  And while I’m shooting I’m more than happy for guests to get in there and shoot alongside me, and give them tips on how to get more from their shots.

6) But professionals are so expensive.   Well, sort of…  Firstly there are the invisible costs (like insurance, training etc) that you never see.  Secondly, for me a typical wedding shoot actually amounts to a weeks work – including the pre-wedding get-togethers, the 12-14 hour day shooting, the editing and post-processing, the album selection, the creation of the video, the design and layout of the final wedding book.  Don’t under-estimate how long that takes. 

Finally, though, here’s why professionals are expensive, because they’ve spent a long time perfecting the “art” of shooting a wedding.   A Rembrandt painting is worth millions because of his "artistic ability, you wouldn’t price it on the basis of £15.50 worth of oil paints, canvas and materials…

To close, I just know – having just hit my 25th Silver Anniversary, that the only thing we have from that day are our photographs and our marriage – I wish that yours lasts as long as ours on both fronts!

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