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BBC: Economics of being a model

27 April 2013 2,304 views

Interesting article on the BBC site about earning a living as a model


A good working commercial girl will make between £30,000 and £50,000 a year

From my experience hourly rates range from £15 – £150, but a typical locally working model can expect around £25, with the better models running at around £45 / hour.   Now, I’m not talking about leading models here, just local girls who are promoting themselves locally.   So, with a bit of effort promoting yourself you ought be able to achieve £150 a day and be working 4 days a week – that doesn’t sound too bad – £600/week.

The trick I genuinely believe is in having the determination, gumption and willingness.   If you promote yourself, get your face around, do the networking thing, run a blog or website it’s not difficult to make a living out of modelling.  Most girls I see are happy just to do it as a part time thing – so yes, there is a lot of competition, but not so much who are serious about it full-time.

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