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A Different Wedding Timetable

3 December 2013 14,767 views

James and Michelle went for a completely different structure and timetable for their wedding. Michelle is Australian, and her family had of course come a very long way for her wedding.

They decided to split their wedding into two days. The first day was the civil service, with a good number of guests and afterwards only the core family went out to eat a local posh resteraunt. This way to the two families centres actually managed to spend some time together and get to know each other.

Wedding Dinner

Then on the next day, the held the reception at their local school hall. The evening was a James Bond themed evening.

James Bond

James Bond theme is a really great idea – the blokes all dress properly, the women all look great – it’s a very formal theme, and in keeping with a wedding reception.

Around the school they had a casino (very Bond) and outside a pig roast.


Instead of the usual disco, they had a jukebox – which I thought worked really well, people chose their own music as they went.

Male Voice Choir

What James and Michelle didn’t know was that their parents had booked the Gloucester Male Voice Choir to sing to them! The two songs being “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (he’s a Liverpool supporter) and “Waltzing Matilda” (for obvious reasons!)

I think the scheme of splitting the day over a long weekend has a lot to be said for it. But also these guys were inventive about how they made a great party within a budget but that was really a very good time.

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