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7 Royal Tips for your Wedding Day

29 April 2011 8,450 views
Royal Wedding of William and Catherine Duke & ...

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7 royal wedding tips for your wedding day.

It has been a cracking day, we have all enjoyed Kate and Wills wedding with all it’s pomp, ceremony and romance. But what tips can you take from the Royal Wedding for your big day?

1) write your own wedding vows.

Kate and William did not get that choice, but you do. At all the weddings I have been to, there is nothing that makes it more special than having your own vows that you have written yourselves. It is a guaranteed tear jerker, but also so wonderfully romantic.

2) the wedding dress.

Kate’s dress had two things going for it, firstly it was inherently elegant, slim, fitted and not huge around the legs. Secondly it had a full shoulder straps and cover over the shoulders and arms. Strapless wedding dresses need to be custom tailored and perfectly fitted to you. Straps and lace look so much nicer.

3) The uniform.

While we are on the subject of dress what about the men. The thing about a uniform like Williams is that it holds you end, makes you stand erect and proud. Now you may not be a member of the services, but you can still adopt the cut of the suit and it will make any fella look much better.

4) The wedding video

Well, assume they set it on Sky+ they’ll have a lovely video of their day courtesy of the BBC. But did you you notice the poor sound quality on Kates vows? This is very difficult to get right, especially when Uncle Joe is doing the video for you, so think about a short video mYbe set to music rather than full coverage where you can’t hear the words.

5) Open top cars (or carriages)

If you can rely on the weather they are lovely, though they can be a little windy on the brides hair style. So if you are going to be travelling a distance (and quickly) then I would steer clear.

6) Minibuses and coaches.

I think we all felt a little surprised to see all the nobles climbing in and out of the school minibus. But a lovely red double-decker bus can look terrific and is a good laugh for the guests too.

7) Photographs at the wedding venue

Yes, if you think about it, the royal couple don’t get the lovely shots in the church doorway and the family outside the venue. These days with churches being more and more hemmed in, and so many having gravestones everywhere it can be difficult to get a larger group in at the church. Your reception venue is now often the place where the family groups are photographed.

I’m sure you have your kist of things you did and did not like about the royal wedding, so please leave your comments and ideas.

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