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What should I wear for my sensual photographs?

22 June 2017 3,589 views


If you have been tempted by the various forms of boudoir photography, sometimes known as venus photography one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is "What should I wear?"


Obviously your first port of call is lingerie, ideally with stockings and heels.   I would strongly recommend looking for something really special and up-market.  Think Agent Provocateur rather than Ann Summers.


Depending upon your figure and how you feel about, you may want to think about covering those parts you are less comfortable with, that usually means tummy and arms.  So, some form of teddy, or lingerie that covers the tummy.   A nice negligee will cover arms and tummy.


Stockings are pretty much a must, choose darker stockings unless you’ve got very good legs which can take a white stocking.   There’s a science behind stockings – when you come in ask me about it and I’ll explain).


His shirt.   Yep, one of his shirts can be one of the sexiest things you can wear.  Of course you can use it to be completely discrete or as wild as you like.   But trust me on this, men like women wearing men’s shirts.


Corsets can be great, the whole reason they exist is to reshape your body of course.  When choosing one, make sure it works around your bust, you don’t want to be flopping around inside it, nor bursting out of the top, so choose a corset that fits you.


You’ll need knickers and maybe stockings to go with the corset as well.


Back shots of your legs, bum and back and very effective, again completely discrete but very sexy, so think about a pair of knickers that really works for your bum.  These could be upmarket lingerie, or you can go for something a bit more fun and cheeky.


In general choose either dark or strong colours, the classic colours are black and red of course.   We want to setup a glamorous and sensual environment and that will mean we will be looking at darker and richer tones in the studio as well.

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