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Wedding Insurance – for your protection

20 October 2013 3,348 views


2007, the year of the floods, really brought it home to me the value of wedding insurance.  That year we had one cancelled altogether because of the raid, another that was hit-and-miss right up to the last minute and sadly one failure of fidelity.


MJ_4_2410 The thing about your wedding is you are committing to spending thousands on a single day, and a lot – if not all – of that expense will still be incurred even if the wedding is cancelled.  It might be weather, an over rumbustuous stag-night, broken limb, dicky tummy, even a loss of nerve on the day, hotel closure all sorts of disasters can occur, and you should protect yourself.



The thing is, it will probably be fine, as most weddings are, so wedding insurance is actually very cheap, a very low outlay could end up saving you thousands.  I don’t have an affiliation with a wedding insurer and certainly can’t recommend one – but I do recommend you go and do it – now!

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