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Wedding Fireworks and Lanterns

7 June 2017 14,375 views


I’m not sure what I think about wedding fireworks… On the one hand they tend to break the evening reception up, you’ve just got people dancing and you all have to troop out into the dark and cold. On the other hand though they do make a great spectacle.

Photographically they are a pain, this photo, like all my firework photos, are a composite of many different bursts. Oddly fireworks are not photogenic!


This couple instead went for Chinese Lanterns, and these were quite magical. All the guests got involved and everybody got to launch a lantern.

Lanterns 2

The lanterns drifted serenely off into the night sky and were quite special.

Here’s a tip – if you go for lanterns, make sure the crowd is organised. They work and look, much better if they are all let off at the same time – and don’t let drunks near them!

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