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[22 Jun 2017 Comments Off on What should I wear for my sensual photographs? | 3,588 views]

If you have been tempted by the various forms of boudoir photography, sometimes known as venus photography one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is "What should I wear?"
Obviously your first port of call is lingerie, ideally with stockings and heels.   I would strongly recommend looking for something really special and up-market.  Think Agent Provocateur rather than Ann Summers.
Depending upon your figure and how you feel about, you may want to think about covering those parts you are less comfortable with, that usually means tummy and arms.  So, some …

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[19 Jun 2017 Comments Off on 5 Fashion Tips For Your Bridal Photo Shoot | 72,276 views]

Any bride-to-be has a lot of preparation on her hands when it comes to fashion and image—and this is perfectly understandable! The wedding is an event many brides-to-be have looked forward to their whole lives, and one that will be remembered and reflected on forever. And this is why many will also place particular importance on their bridal photo shoots.
Now, there will be a lot of photo shoots—both impromptu and planned—occurring during the wedding and any events surrounding it. But your pre-wedding shoot gives you the opportunity to simply focus …

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[7 Jun 2017 Comments Off on Wedding Fireworks and Lanterns | 14,374 views]

I’m not sure what I think about wedding fireworks… On the one hand they tend to break the evening reception up, you’ve just got people dancing and you all have to troop out into the dark and cold. On the other hand though they do make a great spectacle.
Photographically they are a pain, this photo, like all my firework photos, are a composite of many different bursts. Oddly fireworks are not photogenic!

This couple instead went for Chinese Lanterns, and these were quite magical. All the guests got involved and everybody …

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