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[26 Feb 2013 | One Comment | 14,736 views]

This has always been one of my favourite images.  I have it in the studio on a mega-large canvas print.
These images were from a shoot for Feva Design in Cheltenham,  Steve Douch and Elliot did the make-up and hair styling respectively. 
Dani Turner is the model – and she has a terrific smile.
I’ve worked with these guys a few times now, and it’s always a pleasure, some groups just naturally relax and work together and this is one of them.
One of the interesting problems with shooting really great clothes like these …

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General Photography »

[18 Feb 2013 Comments Off on Fifteen Top Tips for Taking Great Christmas Photos | 3,186 views]

1) Get In Close – it’s the faces your interested in, not the shoes.   Fill the frame with the face or faces. 
2) Keep it natural – don’t over-pose pictures – natural pictures are often the best ones.  Keep your camera ready and take peoples pictures when they’ are not looking.  This is especially true for children.
3) Get down with the kids:  while your children are playing with the Christmas presents you want to be down on your knees or tummy photographing from their height.
4) If you are posing to …

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Wedding Tips and Ideas »

[2 Feb 2013 Comments Off on What wedding photographs are allowed in church? | 34,528 views]

Well, it’s entirely down to your priest – or in a civil wedding, the registrar.
You have no say I’m afraid.
The typical permission we get is to photograph the following moments:
– Bride coming up the aisle.
– A fake signing of the register
– Married couple coming down the aisle.
At no point other than that are we allowed to photograph.
Now some are a bit more relaxed and will allow a small and discrete number of photographs to be taken during the service, but without flash.
For my part, I take the view that the …

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