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Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2010 – Days 1 and 2

1 May 2010 3,731 views



1010-Joe-Stillgoe-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resizeJoe Stillgoe – great pianist

1020-Stilt-Walkers-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Still Walkers harassing the punters 🙂

1030-Opening-Act-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Opening Act

1040-1000-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Jazz/Pop/Funk/Skiffle – can’t beat it!

2000-Imelda-May-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Imelda May – High performance Set

2010-Imelda-May-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize This was the first of sets that I really wanted to see

2020-Imelda-May-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Imelda’s performance is so strong

2030-Imelda-May-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize And very exuberant




3000-Elaine-Page-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Elaine Page – not my cup of tea

3010-Two-Harmonicas-at-once-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resizeThis man can play four harmonica’s at the same time,
it sounds a lot cooler than you’d think

3020-Henwood-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resizeMiss Henwood – supporting Eric Bibb

4000-Eric-Bibb-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Eric Bibb – Brilliant blues guitarist and singer.

Eric has asked me to send him images after seeing one on the back
of the camera, very nice of him.

4010-Eric-Bibb-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resizeSecond of the sets that I really wanted to see

4020-Eric-Bibb-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Very intense


Sir Michael Parkinson introduces Frank Sinatra Night

4030-Opening-Frank-Sinatra-Night-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Opening number for the Sinatra Night

4050-Curtiss-Stigers-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Curtiss Stigers – who was quite a laugh back stage

4060-Buddy-Greco-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Buddy Greco – Legend

4070-Backstage-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Backstage waiting to go on

4080-Buddy-Greco-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resize Buddy Greco

So, I’m tidying up at the end of the evening and bump into Buddy Greco waiting by the stage door with a suitcase, so I ask him if he needs a hand with it.  He says thanks, then asks if I’d got any good pictures, so I showed him this one and he says, “That would make a great album cover” and gives me his email address.

So who knows….

4090-Trio-Cheltenham-Jazz-Festival-2010_resizeJazz Trio – very avant garde, last band for Saturday.

More to come over the next few days.

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