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Breast Cancer Awareness Shoot

14 March 2013 9,932 views 2 Comments



The girls from the Dance Society at Gloucester University gave up their time and energies, dressed in their best pinks to raise awareness of breast cancer and raise funds for the Breast Cancer Awareness charity.

As well as getting sponsorship, they also auctioned off a poster from the photo shoot.


We also need to thank Donna Banfield, from DonnaBanfieldMakeUp.weebly.com


This was the picture chosen to go to the newspapers


And a number of the pictures featured in the University magazine as well.


So well done girls, a good day and a good cause.

If you’re wondering about the “Take 2” title of the video, it took a lot of wrestling with Adobe to get their flippin’ (not the word I used at the time) software to actually render this video.   Over 24 hours of faffin’ around with the darn thing, which is why it’s not quite edited up to the standard I’d like.