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5 Fashion Tips For Your Bridal Photo Shoot

19 June 2017 72,276 views

Any bride-to-be has a lot of preparation on her hands when it comes to fashion and image—and this is perfectly understandable! The wedding is an event many brides-to-be have looked forward to their whole lives, and one that will be remembered and reflected on forever. And this is why many will also place particular importance on their bridal photo shoots.

Now, there will be a lot of photo shoots—both impromptu and planned—occurring during the wedding and any events surrounding it. But your pre-wedding shoot gives you the opportunity to simply focus entirely on your image and display your wedding style in all its glory! So with that in mind, here are five fashion tips for brides-to-be getting ready for their photo shoots.

1. Bring Alternate Outfits

One of the major points of a bridal shoot is to get photos of just you showing off your wedding dress. But it can also be fun to take a few photos in a more casual outfit, perhaps with your veil on, holding a bouquet, etc… Not every bride-to-be takes this route, but it’s a fun way to diversify the shoot a bit.

2. Bring A Prop

This is actually a tip from a Bridal Guide article on tips for an engagement shoot, but it can work equally well for a bridal shoot. Basically, the idea is to add some playfulness to the shoot. A prop can be anything from a hat or parasol, to an acoustic guitar, to anything you like. The object can add a bit of contrast to your wedding attire while maybe even providing a more artistic take.


3. Go With Full Makeup (& Hair Done)

Basically, try to look the way you will on your wedding day. The pre-wedding bridal shoot is simply about displaying your look in all its perfection. So, if there’s time, try to have your hair and makeup done the way you’re planning to do them on the wedding. If nothing else, it’s a great practice run!

4. Wear (Or Bring) Contact Lenses

Even if you ordinarily wear glasses, contact lenses can be a great idea for a bridal shoot. If this is new for you, Acuvue offers a few helpful tips for switching to contact lenses, including wearing daily disposable lenses, so you can read up and feel a bit more comfortable about the idea. The purpose is simply to show off your natural beauty and make the most of the makeup you’re wearing around your eyes! Glasses can look perfectly gorgeous on you, but contacts give you the option to better capture your eyes (and your makeup) in the shoot.

5. Get A Manicure

This essentially goes along with the hair and makeup idea. If your photo shoot is well in advance of the wedding, it doesn’t have to be the manicure you’ll go into the wedding with. But again, the idea is to simulate your wedding appearance as closely as possible. Just as contact lenses help show off your eyes, and makeup and hair show what you’ll look like on the big day, the manicure can be a helpful detail to preview your wedding image.

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